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Beginner Level

The Right Web Access
Regardless of the level of expertise to which you aspire, or at which you already progress, the first step of a rapid change of configuration towards affiliation consists in drawing up your own inventory of computer uses across space and time frames to be optimized:
  • life times: admin, work, social, personal;
  • life spaces: private, virtual and public.
The most pertinent question to ask yourself in order to find the right internet access plan or to upgrade the existing one is therefore the one which, once answered, will help you to clearly position yourself, statistically speaking, one either side of one and the same balanced sheet of aggregate national accounts, i.e.:
  • among the socially supportive web citizens, whose mainly personal and/or benevolent uses exclude by default such "internet pro" packages as are provided by common Internet Services Providers;
  • among the socially supportive web entrepreneurs, whose essentially professional and/or philanthropic uses include by default the optimization of social and personal relational dimensions.
This is the whole point of the conceptual-separation-of-concerns approach presented in the matrix-enabled dashboard below, which refers to the "allrounder configuration" that I have been developing on macOS since late 2012. If your needs in terms of web presence are closer to those of a self-administered web entrepreneur, than to those of a socially engaged and supportive - but no less data- or info-managed - web citizen, there is nothing that forbids you to emulate this recommended configuration, which is perfectly transposable to the Windows- and Android-enabled OS environments provided by Microsoft and Google respectively.
Securing Space & Time Data