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Intermediate Level

Mobile Uses
The second level of difficulty to be mastered in this systemic spectrum of technological issues which keeps us immersed (or exposed) more or less directly concerns the breakdown of the inventory of uses drawn up at the previous stage between mobile and sedentary practices, considering further that we all have dual needs, expectations and requirements today which force us to conciliate our internal and external routines with the help of our equipment.
While the computer devices provided by the common Internet Service Providers which service the web 2.0 economy through their plans and packages are mostly "smartphone credits" of the Externet+ level, choosing the best possible complement becomes more complicated as we specialize our uses towards business administration, at the intermediate service level where our more educated concerns should shift towards securing our (domestic, educational or professional) Intranet+ without falling prey to the economic pitfalls of redundant over-equipment, which is characteristic of ill-advised purchase decisions where devices should remain complementary.
Generally speaking, the best conceptual compromise between such conflicting imperatives as optimal coverage of needs and securement of uses consists - to the extent permitted by available means - in accomplishing our administrative duties and professional tasks with computers which stay inside (at home and/or in the office), and to use our indispensable smartphones like intelligent compasses when we are outside (in the field). For highly mobile professionals, the best combination will therefore be the portable computer authorizing external but no less secured business intranet connections, in addition to the smartphone as an intelligent personal assistant.
Securing Space & Time Data