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Sedentary Uses
In terms of web presence, finding the right web services provider for the self-managed development and publication of your web contents will depend not only on the responsibilities associated with your computer uses and your degree of socio-professional mobility, but also on your ability to motivate yourself depending on your current profile and the expertise you still need to acquire, which is undeniably a long-term commitment.
It is indeed the SWOT analysis of your competences translated into Strengths and Weaknesses to be considered against the background of the Opportunities and Threats of the personal, (more or less virtually) social and professional environments in which you live that will enable your to make the best possible strategic decision between info-managed services of the web 2.0 economy and self-managed web services reserved for developers of knowledge- (and content-) intensive web solutions, whose professional practices are mainly sedentary by nature.
In other words: while mobility remains a literally "down-to-earth" notion on the social side of the web economy, with its proximity issues and field-related constraints, the same notion tends to dematerialize itself with the sedentarization of professional practices. In either case, the immediate puzzle to be solved is an intrinsically material constraint.
The reason why most entry-level packages provided by common ISPs come short of such basic features as a "profile page" or a "personal website" is that most web users prefer to resort to such alternatives that appear more sustainably progressive on their ".com" side of the web, which are those provided by the social networks and web-based CMS platforms such as, and In order to become a full-fledged web solutions provider however, a web services provider such as OVH in France is unavoidable for obvious reasons of declarative transparency and technical-legal compliancy, to name but a few.
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